Aerosoft en Flight Sim World

Zojuist is er een interessant bericht verschenen van Mathijs Kok van Aerosoft. Ook Aerosoft heeft zoals we kunnen lezen voorlopig geen plannen met Flight Sim World. Dat maakt deze sim gelijk al een stuk minder interessant. Je leest de volledige verklaring direct hieronder:


FSW has just been released and we wish Dovetails all the luck in the world with that new simulator. Now before people start asking us when our add-ons will be compatible let me outline our point of view.

First of all simple facts. There is no SDK, no Simconnect and only XML aircraft are possible. So even if we would be willing to start on making things compatible, it is simply impossible to make any complex aircraft. Even C++ is currently impossible. So any aircraft could only do what the default aircraft do. For scenery things might look better, we are not sure about that, but without an SDK and knowing what the new engine can do it makes just no sense to spend time on it.

The secondary problem is that it is Early Access. Major things can still change. A large group of Dovetails staff visited us last weekend to meet with many of our developers. It was a good but slightly frustrating meeting. Dovetails wanted us to make solid add-ons, we wanted to do that but without a fixed feature set and an SDK it will just not happen. More worrisome was that some of the limitations of FSX that we discussed were ‘considered’ and might change. So even if we could develop it could be that a major feature (like a good lighting engine) might still change. But for a scenery developer that means doing a night version of a an airport or not doing a night version. That’s months of work that might be wasted.

Now I understand this sounds harsh. It is not intended to be. We really wish Dovetails all the luck possible, but we wish even more they would have discussed things as they were done last weekend somewhere halfway 2016. Not two weeks before release.

So basically it is a wait and see issue. When we can make add-ons we will look if they make commercial sense. Until that time we got a lot of great sims to support.

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  1. Harald schreef:

    Lijkt me duidelijk dat Aerosoft niet al te veel toekomst ziet in FSW..

    Iets om serieus mee te nemen in iemands beslissing om FSW wel,of niet aan te schaffen…

    • Webmaster Webmaster schreef:

      Eens, vooral het onbreken van de SDK is een groot probleem. Veel simmers zullen dit niet direct begrijpen maar dankzij dit bericht van Aerosoft wordt het een en ander duidelijk.