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Flight1 update OpusFSX
vrijdag 19 april 2013 10:51 GMT+1
flight1.gifFlight1 heeft in een persbericht de update voor OpusFSx naar versie 3.0 bekend gemaakt. Er is een hele waslijst aan verbeteringen, vernieuwingen en fixes. Deze kun je lezen bij Lees meer... Voor meer informatie over OpusFSX kun je hier terecht.

The ultimate Flight Simulator Interface for FSX and Prepar3D

Version 3.00 is now available for download !

This latest release includes many improvements listed below.

Larger internal weather map, increased to cover 1280km x 1280km (800 x 800 miles).
New Met Station list including 8,320 stations around the globe.
Improved Weather Interpolation (WINTER) algorithm.
Added a 'Thunderstorms Require TS Descriptor' option.
Introduced a Dynamic Weather Theme size option.
Improved the Opus Weather Report details and the Addon menu options.
Introduced named TrackIR head movement limits for the camera definitions.
Introduced command shortcut button and key assignments.
Introduced a cloud smoothing option to help minimise local cloud changes.
Improved intelligent auto-cirrus calculations and cloud precipitation.
Improved cirrostratus and cirrocumulus precedence and conditions.
Improved cloud depths for all alto and cirro cloud types.
Improved upper atmosphere wind and temperature targets.
Improved forced recovery checks for stabilised winds.
Introduced three levels of intelligent windshear.
Introduced intelligent cloud icing data.

Live Weather Reports ... Now provide a perfect long range (400 mile) ATIS for your Local, Destination and up to 4 Alternate airfields or sites. The OpusFSX Lower and Upper Atmosphere reports will also provide detailed winds and temperatures aloft targets derived from the GRIB forecast data.

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