Aerosoft A318 Research Edition

Aerosoft zal aan het einde van deze maand een speciale Research Editie uitbrengen van haar Airbus A318. Dit toestel zal gratis te downloaden te zijn voor eigenaren van de huidige Airbus editie. Deze zogenaamde Research Editie zal een test toestel worden om toekomstige Airbus ontwikkelingen van Aerosoft te kunnen volgen. Iedere twee weken zal er een update uitgebracht worden voor dit toestel. Het officiële persbericht vind je hieronder:

At the end of this month we’ll release a special edition of our A318. We call it the A318 Research Edition . This will be a free download for all of our current Bus customers and it will be a test bed for all our Airbus developments. It’s not intended for the beginners and should NOT be seen in any way as a new release or official update.

We decided this was the best way to go as problems with testing kept growing. with 3 current sim platforms and a kazillion of other add-ons to test with doing all these test at the end would delay a release tremendously. I also think a lot of our customers will like to follow our development. If you are lucky we’ll name a bug after you! Flying this version will not entitle you to a free update later, but of course we’ll make sure that people who help us a lot will be rewarded.

What you get is a fully stand alone A318 (so it will not affect the current 1.31 version in any way) with the files that we have only tested very shortly internally. A new build will be released every two weeks but you might get new files at any moment we feel something might work. Frustration is almost guaranteed and you will always have to be able to take control. What you also get is access to our closed forums where you can complain and shout that things suck. What you will not get is any guarantee things will work or even that we’ll reply to your forum posts.

In this version we’ll test our new FBW, FMGS, MCDU, ND, PFD and other systems. It should be flyable from the start and you will see that all of these systems are seriously updated.