Release info Aerosoft Airbus Pro

Op het Aerosoft forum wordt wekelijks verslag gedaan van de voortgang van de Airbus professional. Vandaag kwam Mathijs Kok van Aerosoft met het goede nieuws dat aan het lange wachten bijna een einde komt. De Airbus Professional A318/A319 zullen (zonder tegenbericht) uitgebracht worden op 26 juni 2018. Enkele weken later zal de A320/A321 serie volgen. Het originele bericht is hieronder terug te lezen:

News from the Tuesday meeting…. as always it is mix of good, okay and bad.

The good thing is that systems and propulsion are progressing fine. we are down to smaller stuff like oil burn implementation (burn factor: CFM 0,5 qt/hr, IAE 0,3 qt/hr) (automatically reset on reloading the aircraft, we are not planning a maintenance module). Also good is that we’ll have some super new voices for the checklists etc. Also small perfections like the cockpit lights that only should be active on the left side when the aircraft is on battery are now done.

The less good is that the MCDU, FMS and AP still have bigger issues to sort out. There is progress but testing of these things take ages. Certainly the MCDU is complex as this is by far the most complex bit of code we have ever done. As before we are sure this is the most advanced Airbus MCDU you will see in the sim.

We also decided on all prices, updates boxes, what manual will be printed, what boxes we’ll do, what’s needs to be translated (as before we’ll release in English, German, French and Spanish (Italian and Turkish are considered) and for that I will start a new Preview Topic later this week. As always that long list of things we need to complete before we can release and that has little to do with the actual coding.

We have also set a release date that is non-negotiable. It’s June 26th.