AOA Simulations T-7A Red Hawk v1.1 uitgekomen

De titel zegt het al, u download deze nieuwe versie vanwaar u haar gekocht heeft.

The changelog in full:

  • New naval version added (T-7N Navy Hawk) with tail hook, double nose wheel and fixed refueling probe
  • New EFT version added with two large (300 gallon/2,000 lbs fuel each) external fuel tanks
  • Low-poly, low-res, no-script version included for AI flights
  • Comprehensive 28 pages User Guide
  • Completely reworked overlay of fuselage together with improved PBR effects
  • Working autopilot “test” lights into up front control display
  • Added “cardinal” heading letters to HUD (above mag heading)
  • Integrated additional fuel into various cockpit display lua scripts
  • OAT toggle F or C
  • Glide slope scale integrated into left MFD ADI page
  • HUD ILS mode
  • New texture and Normal map for ejections seats
  • More detailed normal map for landing gear
  • Remapped and retextured under wing pylons
  • Ground equipment added: engine exhaust cover, wheel chocks
  • Fingerprints added over touch panels
  • Bigger pilots
  • Pilots are now hidden when ground equipment is shown
  • Working Master Caution and Warning lights
  • Fixed parking brake indicator light behavior when applying partial brake
  • Fixed shadow bug below white buttons on both sides of PCD
  • Custom views available on numeric keypad
  • Emergency arrestor gear added + new switch on right console
  • New designations: T-7A, T-7B (EFT), T-7C (CAS) and T-7N
  • Fixed missing FMOD sound for MASTER WARNING RESET
  • Fixed missing FMOD sound for MASTER WARNING RESET

T-7A - 2020-05-29 11.18.09 AM.jpg

T-7A - 2020-05-29 11.24.51 AM.jpg

T-7A - 2020-05-29 12.28.52.jpg

T-7A - 2020-05-29 12.28.23.jpg


T-7B_EFT - 2020-05-29 11.30.04 AM.jpg

T-7C_CAS - 2020-05-29 11.33.27 AM.jpg

T-7N - 2020-05-29 10.39.20 AM.jpg

T-7N - 2020-05-29 10.39.55 AM.jpg

T-7N - 2020-05-29 10.41.18 AM.jpg

T-7A - 2020-05-29 12.39.02.jpg