Cancelled: De ijsbergen van Aerosoft

Soms moeten we ook eens wat minder goed nieuws brengen, en dat nog wel met pasen. Het ijsbergen project van Aerosoft is helaas gecancelled. De voornaamste reden om de stoppen met dit project waren de simulator limieten waar men tegen aan liep tijdens de ontwikkelingsfase. Je leest het volledige bericht van Mathijs Kok direct hieronder:

Project just died in the construction hangar¬†because of the fact the project manager (me) was so bad at math. See, we tested the visibility of the objects looking down at them. And the had the max possible visibility range (around 50 Km). What I did not realize was that you don’t look down as you fly but in front of you. So we had to add the horizontal distance as well. And that’s where things got crappy.


See this looks okay, but it is also the FIRST you will see of the iceberg. Slew a few meters back and it is gone. I’ll talk to some scenery devs if there is some trick to triple the visibility range, but I doubt that will work.

Sorry. My bad. I’ll pay for the beers.