Captain Sim 757 Captain III update 1.4 uitgebracht

Captain Sim heeft een nieuwe update uitgebracht voor de 757, versie 1.4. De update kan worden gedownloaded via het Captain Sim account. Het changelog is hieronder te bekijken.


New features:

  • Adjustable acceleration and rotation speed of rotary knobs (VOR/DME, MCP etc).
  • APU shut down cooldown cycle.
  • EICAS advisory message that the CTR Fuel Tanks are empty.


  • NO AUTOLAND should not be displayed on the Autoland Status Annunciator once the IRSs have aligned.
  • Before engine start, Center 2 Electric Hydraulic Pump should automatically load shed.
  • Oil pressure turned red after engine shut down on the ground.
  • Utility Buses do not load shed during engine start. Utility Buses do not load shed if thrust levers are moved while on the ground and the engines are not running.
  • EPR remains illuminated on MCP after takeoff and VNAV has been selected.
  • FMS CDU DSPY light lights up red but should light up white.
  • Abeam points (WID01/BUB02/WIL03) display.
  • On REF page, ILS course displays as only two digits but should be three.
  • ALIGN lights on IRS panel don’t illuminate long enough after IRS switches moved to OFF. They should illuminate for about 20 seconds while the gyros begin to spin down.
  • Fuel Config light on overhead panel should be illuminated while on the ground with the Center Fuel Pumps on and both engines shut down.
  • Terrain displays on ND with IRS not aligned.
  • Spar Valve extinguished before engine valve.
  • Fuel panel on the overhead remains on after the aircraft has been completely powered down.
  • TAKEOFF REF page 2/2 REF OAT negative temprature entry is one degree C higher than entered.
  • In PLAN mode the STEP prompt is missing on the LEGS page when in use on the right FMC.
  • TERR RANGE DISAGREE message with left and right ND set to different zoom levels.
  • When doing any changes on the MCP that affect the A/T mode the MCP speed is matched to the actual airspeed.
  • Pressing the MCP speed knob while in VNAV PTH should activate VNAV SPD mode.
  • Changing the fuel to 14.0 tons the Payload automatically decreases to 19.6 tons.
  • The red beacon light is flashing inside the virtual cockpit.


  • VC viewpoints and lights position corrected.