DCS World ”Open Beta” update uitgekomen

Eagle Dynamics heeft zojuist hun nieuwste update uitgegeven voor DCS World 2.5.6. Updaten gebeurt geheel zoals gewoonlijk weer automatisch via de automatische updater. Hieronder leest u de bijbehorende Changelog:

DCS World Open Beta

  • Sound. Force stereo when drivers report 0 output channels
  • Sound. Recover from device disconnection (like hibernation or device unplug)
  • MP. Fixed a rare crash on client connection in busy missions
  • Fixed crash caused by a memory leak in clickable elements of cockpit
  • Added “engage air weapons” option for ships
  • Su-33 AI don’t use AAR lights for refueling at night – fixed
  • Voice chat – added an option to block start of the voice chat on the server
  • MP. Added ability to see Time on Map in multiplayer lobby
  • MP. Added national flags to the server list
  • JTAC switching target caused crash – fixed
  • Black exhaust smoke from jet engines gets bright in moonlight – fixed
  • MP. Exhaust smoke in one flight, between multiple aircraft is synchronized – corrected
  • Vehicle not moving because of too steep elevation – fixed
  • Host crash when player reloads vehicle ATGM and leaves the vehicle – fixed
  • Sometimes no sound when starting DCS – fixed
  • AGM-84. Harpoon R/BL Skim ditch into the sea sometimes – fixed
  • Graphic option window. Added Custom Graphic Preset buttons
  • Animated fences on ships stopped working – fixed
  • MP. Dedicated server unable to disable voice chat – fixed
  • Ejected Pilot falls through roofs – fixed

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Improved rudder pedals adjustment mechanism. It now works in the following manner: pull handle and adjust rudder pedals distance while keeping the handle pulled, then release handle. Using keyboard or joystick commands also works correctly now
  • Added backlight to FD front cockpit buttons that are not activated
  • Added smoke command to communications menu
  • Deleted attack commands from comms menu of C-101EB
  • Changed 3D model of cockpit mirror
  • Harnesses are now correctly displayed when control stick is hidden
  • Updated EN and ES localizations
  • Fixed oxygen consumption at oxygen pressures less than approx 150 psi
  • Corrected oxygen consumption to take into account 2 pilots (it was consuming two times what it should), and improved timing of oxygen consumption as well

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur

  • Fix to Sidewinder model / smoke
  • Fixed Master mode switch sound when using keyboard/joystick
  • Fixed intermittent keyboard mapping bug
  • Rb04 radar altimeter now works over terrain
  • Fix a small issue where Rb04s wouldn’t fly in parallel but instead eventually converge
  • Fixed issue where only one bomb would be released per trigger press in DIRECT mode
  • Fix to Emergency pitch trim clicking nose up not working
  • Fixed issue where RUTA-beam would stay on the radar screen after another waypoint has been selected
  • Fixed that FACKLSL warning would stay on even after reload when having only one KB-pod loaded
  • Corrected amount of chaff and flares carried in KB-pods
  • Fixed issue where not all chaffs would be released
  • Fix to lysbomb not releasing after rearm

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW! Introducing TWS-Auto for the AWG-9
  • Updated tutorial mission “Carrier based take off”
  • Added keybinds for seat adjustment
  • Added Jester keybinds for BVR
  • Disabled AI kneeling (for supercarrier)
  • Added holdback bar (for supercarrier)
  • Added salute command (for supercarrier)
  • Supercarrier compatibility added for client/player
  • WIP: F-14B AI compatibility for supercarrier
  • Fixed VIS FIX updating delta continuously
  • Fix VDI range bar scale value not being shown
  • Fixed Track Hold green light
  • Adjusted pitch rate damper

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM

  • CNM logic fix. Approved and Finalized
  • MAG/MAV search logic update. Approved and FInalized
  • Selective Jettison CTD bug fix
  • INS: BAD Rho/Theta entry modified from KM/Deg to NM/Deg
  • Radar lost contact memory (DO) enabled
  • PCA updated: RDO Button enables/disables DO for manual unlock
  • Special Options update:
    • Show the AOA in the HUD: fixed
    • TDC Gate Aperture for PPI Mode: Added (modificator for radar TDC in PPI mode)
    • TDC Keyboard Precision: Added (modificator for TDC speed when using keyboard)


  • Updated exterior models – fixed tail code number
  • Updated Training Mission 9 (LHA) – TACAN changed so there is no conflict with Kobuleti

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • comm.lua and texture/liveries for AAR included
  • Fixed incorrect radar TDC el range
  • Fixed radar notch for surface units
  • Fixed data-link color issue of enemy symbol
  • Fixed ufcp fill-in text when input iff code
  • Fixed ground crew voiceover mismatched text
  • Fixed chrono digit issue
  • Fixed “music num” slider click issue
  • Fixed dplayer not stop after power-off
  • Fixed CTD when 2 802AKG hit target simultaneously
  • Fixed BRM1 and unguided 90mm rocket names
  • Adjust WMD7/701 TVIR default gain/level value
  • Adjust engine response now dependent on airspeed and altitude
  • Adjust SD-10 loft trajectory, more smooth, better energy management
    • loft condition: target range 30km and not jamming, pitch = 8.0 degrees
  • Tweak Radar behavior:
    • If target in notch, will try predict target position with last known target position and target velocit
    • SEA1/SEA2 can EXP (TODO: EXP effect), HOTAS S2_Left
    • Support radar AG image FRZ (MFCD OSB R3)
    • Switch between RBM/EXP/DBS will unfreeze radar image if it’s frozen
    • EXP/DBS submode limit: radar MUST be following hpt or fixed point; SP state cannot switch to EXP/DBS1
  • Added aar light speed limitation (extend when M0.85/420knots – broken)
  • Added more key bindings (toggle)
  • Added Type-200A anti-runway bomb (single and dual on stations 2/6)
  • Added “hacked” station payload (missile/rocket) cannot launch

DCS Black Shark by ED

  • Corrected flight manual. Added descriptions of switches of PPR-800 panel
  • Dead Valley mission, вugfix. Ka-50 born on the perking with MiG-27 – fixed. Ka-50 group assigned to correct parkings. Removed forest on the SPG Msta position.

DCS F-18C by ED

DCS F-16C by ED

  • CNI Errors (Wind data/Hack time added) – Fixed
  • Engine Is torching intermittent during startup – Fixed
  • Active (A) and Time to Impact (T) for AIM-120 Errors – Fixed
  • FPS Loss at High AOAAOA – fixed. Radar altimeter calculations were modified to improve performance.
  • TGP rewrites point coordinates to first selected point coordinates – Fixed
  • Missing wheel chocks model and functionality – Fixed
  • RWR keybindings are mapped wrong – Fixed
  • In MP a contact can show as Hostile and Friendly at the same time – Fixed
  • Added Sound effects for throttle movements
  • F-16 STBY Compass seems to be affected by acceleration a lot – Fixed
  • Added a new fake afterburner sound
  • Canopy tint synced in MP
  • US marking missing on wings – Fixed
  • Update to Russian localization
  • Training. Lesson 4 – Added CN localization. Lesson 19 – Added DE Voice-Overs.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED

  • MiG-29. Corrected reflections on the HUD
  • Su-25. Corrected reflections on the HUD
  • Su-25T. When you start the right engine you see the animation of the left engine – corrected.


  • First training mission. Localization reverted back to the Russian language.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

  • Cockpit red flood lights corrected

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED

DCS WWII Asset Pack by ED

  • New AI units added to the module:
    • Ju 88A-4 – torpedo bomber aircraft
    • A-20 – medium bomber aircraft
    • Stug III – assault gun
    • M10 – tank destroyer
    • Mk VIII Centaur IV – cruiser tank
    • Elefant – heavy tank destroyer
    • Mk IV Churchill VII – infantry tank
    • M8 Greyhound – armored car
    • 8.8 cm Flak 41 – anti aircraft gun
    • Flakscheinwerfer 37 – searchlight
    • V-1 and launching ramp as static object
    • Shnellboot S-100 class
    • U-boat Type VII
  • LS Samuel Chase damage model corrected
  • APC and HE shells added for M10

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • Fixed for WW2 unit incorrect sound idle run, accelerate, synchronized engine sound with transmission
  • Fixed saving gearbox type in tracks
  • Fixed loop sounds for some MG
  • Fixed time for reloading and rearming for some units
  • Increased ship CIWS efficiency (Phalanx and AK-630)
  • Fixed the continuation of AC tracking after destruction of the radar in Ticonderoga type of cruisers
  • Fixed position and animation of protective doors for Ticonderoga type of cruisers
  • Fixed SAM Rapier, now for the Rapier work requires LN + Blindfire and / or optical
  • Improved AI movement when controlling on F10 map.
  • Fixed the problem with the insufficient turn of TD on target
  • Fixed armor SPG M12

DCS Spitfire LF Mk.IX by ED

  • Fixes for arguments for proper visualisation of battle damage

DCS FW 190A-8 by ED

  • Geometry of propeller edited in 2-4 LODs for better FPS performance
  • Wing payload drag and mass fixed

DCS Bf 109 K-4 by ED

  • Added controls for new FyG 25 knob


M-2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 4: fixed bug with wingmen not responding to player

A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 12: fixed issue with ground units (Raider) refusing to move
  • Mission 13: updated triggers for second briefing

WORLDS APART Spring 2025 Campaign by Low Level Heaven

  • Mission 3: Deleted broken trigger (Pilot dead)
  • Mission 5-2: Many new voice-overs, F-10 Map marker added, Score system adjusted, Skip Mission function available at the second task (final score 55)

F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag

  • Mission BFM04: Updated skin for AI aircraft

Known issues

  • Torpedoes from U-boat or S-boat could be fired to unmoved targets only
  • MP: Ship speed calculated with errors and drifted, so aircraft can slide on the deck
  • PLAT camera view missing from the Stennis