Digital Design St. Petersburg v3 uitgebracht

Ontwikkelaar Digital Design heeft vandaag v3 van St. Petersburg Airport (ULLI) uitgebracht voor Prepar3Dv4. Deze v3 brengt een flink aantal verbeteringen, waaronder de ondersteuning van SODE, GSX docking systeem, en grafische verbeteringen. Bestaande gebruikers kunnen hun scenery upgraden voor ca. €10. De scenery kost nieuw ca. €25.

Meer informatie is te vinden op de productpagina van simMarket.

New in V3:

  • High Resolution 2k Terminal Textures and some buildings.
  • New AFCAD
  • New ground, developed specifically for P3d4, with new high quality high resolution textures.
  • Updated the marking and arrangement of apron parking, in accordance with the real location.
  • Updated models of ground vehicles and moving buses, cars, etc.
  • Updated lighting effects, runway lights, taxiways.
  • Improved glass reflections.
  • Dynamic lighting.
  • Updated wet apron during precipitation.
  • New realistic 3D lights of the city and the surrounding area.
  • New volumetric grass.
  • Improved autogen.
  • Improved terrain.
  • Added new buildings, new districts, added landmarks, CHP, Lahta Center, Strelna, Heli-drive and more.
  • Improved jetways models.
  • Support SODE jetways
  • Support GSX docking system (GSX recommended)
  • Minor fixes.
  • Compiled with latest Prepar3Dv4.3 SDK

St.Petersburg Pulkovo ULLI Package Features:

  • Photorealistic textures on the airport buildings
  • Custom textured taxiways, runways and apron
  • Realistic ground markings
  • Highly realistic night time effects with custom 3D runway and taxilights
  • Hand-placed autogen
  • Custom surroundings including airport-city
  • Animated vehicles on the aprons
  • Friendly FPS
  • Custom reflection map. Reflection map is used for setting what should be seen in window reflection
  • “Baked” shadows on the textures
  • Completely automatic change of seasons, so there is no need to season tool
  • Advanced lighting system, the lights are automatically turned on, depending on weather conditions
  • Automatic season change
  • Realistic puddles appear in the rain
  • True deep Russian winter, realistic snow on the apron