Hotfix 2 voor Captain Sim B757

Captain Sim heeft gisteren een tweede hotfix uitgebracht voor de Boeing 757 III die onlangs is uitgekomen. De hotfix verhelpt weer een hele lijst aan problemen die door gebruikers werden gerapporteerd. Meer informatie is te vinden op de site van Captain Sim.


The 757 Captain III Base Pack Hotfix 2 is available which includes the Hotfix 1 and the following new features and enhancements:

– ZFW and CG management via FMC is added.
– Fuel management via FMC is added.
– Payload management via FMC is added.
– Pushback control via FMC is added.
– Jetway control via FMC is added.
– A separate tiller axis is added.
– 40+ cockpit controls sounds are added.
– Window wipers sound is added.
– CDU pop-ups are added.
– The A/P disconnect sound is added.
– PAX cabin on/off selection is added.

– Fuel Flow is corrected.
– VNAV speed/alt restrictions are fixed.
– VNAV is improved.
– Cost Index calculation is improved.
– CI/Mach Number calculation is improved.
– Cockpit sounds are improved.
– The F/D bars readability is improved.
– Seat belt chime volume is increased.
– The Captain’s seat view is re-mapped to F9 hotkey.
– The Manual is updated.

How to download?

1. Download the csy572_1002.exe file to any folder on your computer.
2. Make sure the P3D4 is not running.
3. Double click the downloaded csy572_1002.exe file to install the Hotfix 2.

The Hotfix 2 will overwrite all modifications of the original product (add-on liveries etc).

Standby for updates for more fixes and new features.