Einde voor DTG Flight School

Het doek is gevallen voor Dovetail’s Flight School. Voor velen zal het geen verrassing zijn dat Dovetail de stekker uit dit project trekt. Flight School stond nou niet echt geweldig bekend bij de meeste simmers. Je leest het volledige persbericht van Dovetail direct hieronder.

“Our goals with Flight School were twofold: to create an entry level sim for people new to the hobby and to implement technical functionality to build upon in the future.

We will retain the ethos of introducing beginners to the hobby, but without compromising the depth and complexity demanded by more experienced flyers by implementing a much clearer curve to mastery in our upcoming sim.

With this in mind, we have made the decision to retire Flight School. The sim and all of your saved data will remain in your Steam library, however it will no longer be available for purchase.

We will have more announcements about our upcoming sim in the following weeks as well as something special for existing Flight School owners to thank you for your continuous support and feedback.”

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  1. Avatar Matthias schreef:

    Was te verwachten,
    Maar nu kan het team zich richten op hun aankomende flightsimulator.
    Hopelijk wordt deze een stuk realistischer, maar tot nu toe ben ik nog sceptisch, time wil tell