FlyDesign gebruikt Drzewiecki Design materiaal voor haar vliegvelden

Zo nu en dan duiken er wel eens issues op tussen ontwikkelaars. Zo is nu ook het geval tussen de relatief nieuwe ontwikkelaar FlyDesign en Drzewiecki Design, beide uit Polen. Drzewiecki Design heeft ontdekt dat FlyDesign een aantal textures heeft gebruikt van Drzewiecki Design… Laatstgenoemde neemt het op Facebook echter sportief op:

Dear Customers, you might find it enjoyable so here is the story:

We had a discussion with another developer, FlyDesign, about their texture work. They have lately published a nice airport which we also have in our offer however I suggested to them, that some of their textures might be too similar to ours to be a coincidence and that they should be changed. They replied that if I think so I can go to court. Obviously who would care about some textures while judges have murderers and terrorists to manage so the question to you is:

Are these textures similar enough to be identical or is it just my today’s lack of redbull?

Keep in mind that this is not something available online – all textures are made directly from photos I’ve taken myself at the airport (there is no way we could use same photos with same reflections on buildings).

Have fun comparing!

PS: Guys, since such things are always bad for everyone, lets just hide negative emotions (?!) and have fun of this! Fun and joy is the core of our passion!! As real as it gets!!