FlyTampa gaat Prepar3D only

Flytampa zal zeer waarschijnlijk binnenkort alleen nog maar exclusief Prepar3D v4 ondersteunen. Dit om optimaal gebruik te kunnen maken van de nieuwe P3D v4 SDK features. De verschillen tussen de oudere 32-bit sims zoals FSX en FSX Steam zijn inmiddels te groot geworden vergeleken bij Prepar3D v4.
Martin van FlyTampa kan hierover alvast het volgende mededelen:


We are moving towards P3D releases with a strong possibility that FSX and older versions of P3D will no longer be supported at all in the not so distant future.

We expect the transition to V4-only Addons with FSX support being dropped to happen a lot quicker then it did with the FS2004->FSX transition where FS2004 versions remained viable for years along with a loud FS2004 userbase demanding them.

This time the transition will be “harder” and more abrupt, and in fact several high-quality developers have been communicating behind the scenes on exactly this topic, which boils down to how quickly they are willing to drop FSX support in favor of V4-only releases. Without naming anyone I can say that what came out of these talks is good news for V4 and bad news for FSX.


Zoals we kunnen lezen is FlyTampa niet de enige ontwikkelaar die dit van plan is. We zullen je op de hoogte houden van verdere ontwikkelingen of nieuws van andere ontwikkelaars.