Gaya Simulations en MSFS2020

Steeds meer developers komen met een reactie op de nieuwe Microsoft Flightsimulator na de eerder aangekondigde releasedatum. Zo heeft ook Gaya Simulations zojuist een statement gepubliceerd. Kort samengevat gaan zij alle huidige content ook geschikt maken voor MSFS2020. Hieronder volgt de volledige verklaring:


Addressing the elephant in the room: Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Since yesterday’s announcement, we’ve received a bunch of questions regarding our positon with Flight Simulator 2020 and its imminent release. Firstly, we’d like to congratulate the team at Microsoft & Asobo for all of the work they’ve done to product such a wonderful simulator for all to enjoy.
Secondly, we’re pleased to unveil that ALL Gaya content will be making the jump to the new simulator.
In fact, two of our three newest sceneries – Berlin-Tegel and Florence – were chosen because of their proximity to great 3D renditions of cityscapes in FS2020. As with our previous products, each will be developed natively for Flight Simulator, no conversions, nothing.

That begs the question: what happens to Prepar3D and X-Plane in our new roadmap? Nothing. We’re a multiplatform developer with 40+ employees – we have the capacity to continue making airports for all three simulators and then some.
Finally, regarding already released products and pricing for the new simulator: we’ll be addressing this soon in a separate post. Here’s to the future of flight simulation, whichever the platform may be.