gratis XFirstOfficer Version 1.7.0 uitgekomen

Ontwikkelaar ParrotSim heeft hun gratis en razend populaire X-Plane V11+ plugin XFirstOfficer een flinke update gegeven waardoor deze nu uitkomt op versie 1.7.0.  U vind deze leuke plugin hier. Aanrader! 🙂



XFirstOfficer enhances the X-Plane multi crew environment, throught a loyal virtual copilot. If you are tired of flying multi crew airplanes as a single pilot, then this is for you! XFirstOfficer will increase the time you spend actually flying the airplane, and delegate cockpit flows and checklist to your copilot. The best part is, you can customize the actions of your assistant however you want! You can write your own flows and interactive checklists. This means custom virtual airline procedures and checklist support as well as the possibility to support every existing aircraft. You can now create procedures with the built-in editor. XFirstOfficer is also meant to be unintrusive and easy to use. An extensive user manual is included.


  • Compatible with all aircrafts
  • Read checklists
  • Dataref and commandref based
  • Code your own procedure and checklists
  • Toggle switches and levers
  • Press buttons
  • Turn knobs
  • Extract numbers from FMCs and other text datarefs
  • Perform actions based on conditions
  • Wait for user input to perform actions
  • Display informations on a dedicated window
  • Speak using the built in text-to-speech
  • Announce procedures using the built in text-to-speech
  • Fast procedure testing during creation
  • Default C172SP procedures included
  • Monitor values and execute items and procedures when a condtion is reached
  • Execute items and procedures at fixed time intervals
  • Built in editor
  • Respects simulation speed
  • Complex behaviors with logic and mathematicals expressions


  • X-Plane 11
  • Windows ( reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 x64 and x86)
  • Linux
  • Mac


  • Copy the “XFirstOfficer” folder inside the “X-Plane11/Resources/plugins” folder.
  • Copy the files inside the “procedures” folder inside the “X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/Cessna 172SP/”
  • Read the manual for a quick start guide

Add new aircraft support

  • Create or download a procedure.
  • Copy the “procedures.txt” and “monitors.txt” file inside your aircraft directory