Jetstream Designs Paris Orly bijgewerkt naar v1.1

De ontwikkelaars van Jetstream Designs hebben de eerste update voor Orly uitgebracht. Deze kan gratis via je simMarket account worden gedownloaded.


  • Corrected RWY 02 ground markings
  • Corrected some parking positions designators (ground markings + AFCAD)
  • Improved edges on some ground polygons
  • Suppressed hole near D08 parking
  • Added some APP Lights pylons on RWY 24
  • Improved red colour on runway and APP lights (was more pink than red before)
  • Added many new buildings and detail around the airport
  • Added more detail to the Northern area (new buildings, jet blasts, Light poles, etc.)
  • Corrected some taxi signs
  • Improved some areas on the satellite imagery