PMDG 747 V3 release planning

We zaten er gelukkig niet ver naast gisteren met ons nieuwsbericht. PMDG is inderdaad druk bezig om de release van haar 747-400 V3 in orde te maken. Vandaag is de officiële verklaring op het forum van AVSIM verschenen, welke hieronder in zijn geheel is terug te lezen:



It brings me great pleasure to let you know that we have set a release schedule in motion for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II

I will have quite a bit more to day in the coming days, as my workload related to development tasks is finally beginning to wind down a bit- but the team has been discussing release dates for about four weeks now, and we finally have one that we are comfortable that we will make.

I am not going to give you any further information other than to tell you that it is more than a week away, and before Christmas Eve, 2017.

(Yes- we will tell you the exact date ahead of time… We just want to make sure we clear the last couple of items before we commit to the date and start all the mechanisms moving in that direction.)

We are still tidying up some details for the initial release, and a few members of the team are already working on some updates that will come to you post-release.

Included in this release are nearly all the 747-400 variants a pilot could hope for- each modeled accurately in terms of available engine types, performance data and a plethora of specifications.  A few of you noted that I had made a point of declining to commit to the 747-400D, but this airframe made the release as we were able to acquire proper documentation to support it.

A few things you will be excited to hear:  We have been conducting some on-and-off-again testing of a new micro-updating capability that will allow us to **finally** issue small updates for our entire product line rather than making you wait for regular update periods that can occasionally drag on for extended periods.

The micro-update capability is embedded in the Operations Center, and **may** be live on release day depending upon how a few more live-fire tests of the capability go in the coming days.  If it isn’t turned on for release day, it should be turned on shortly after- as we will want to put some public load on it to see what we learn and how it holds up under actual use.

(Yes… we are trying to simmer-proof it…  which is a few steps beyond idiot proofing, because simmers are FAR more creative in ways to break stuff.)

In the product itself- we think you will be blown away at how much new technology we have embedded in order to improve the total simming experience.  I will go into more detail later- but some of it we will probably just not mention and let you experience it on your own.  There are a couple of things we have done that have really increased the realism and “sense of being there” far beyond what we have accomplish previously.

Nice thing is that we ARE going to be able to roll those backward into the 777 via the updater technology too- once we get a bit of development time free of the 744.  (Disclaimer:  There is no relative time commitment in this sentence…)

So much to tell you about- but what I need right now is some sleep.  We have been putting in long, long hours to get this product wrapped up for you- and the wait is nearly over.

Start stretching your thumb and pinky fingers so you can get your hand behind all four throttles.!