Professional Flight Planner X v2.03 uitgebracht

Aerosoft heeft een nieuwe versie van Professional Flight Planner X uitgebracht.  Deze tool is beschikbaar voor FS9, FSX en Prepar3D. Het changelog is hieronder te bekijken.


  • Added support for restrictive airspace/restricted areas
  • Added support for multiple route restriction groups
  • Added crew info Template option
  • Added ACARS Template option
  • Added vector charts (vertical profile, route, wind, pilotting)
  • Improved route finding algorithm
  • Added terrain database and functions
  • Added ‘Schedule Editor’ dialog
  • Added advanced NOTAM filtering options
  • Added weather trend indicators/alerts
  • Improved airport, airway and restrictive airspace tooltip information
  • Added airmet, tropical cyclone and volcaninc ash advisories
  • Improved ‘user airway & waypoint editor’