PZL-104 Wilga voor MSFS in de maak

Ontwikkelaar Got Friends werkt aan de PZL-104 Wilga voor MSFS. Dit kistje is een geweldige aanvulling voor hun kort geleden uitgekomen payware Discus-2c Premium Edition en hun gratis versie van deze zweefkist aangezien dit kleine hoogdekkertje met name in Oost-Europa wordt gebruikt als sleepkistje voor zweefvliegtuigen. Hier alvast alle vrijgegeven info (Met dank aan onze vrienden van msfsaddons.com), THANKS GUYS!”


Got Friends Wilga MSFS 2


Got Friends Wilga MSFS 3


Got Friends Wilga MSFS 5


”Got Friends is looking to create the most detailed PZL-104 Wilga ever seen in a flight simulator to date. The team is building the popular 35A variant, powered by an Ivchenko AI-14 nine-cylinder radial engine, capable of outputting 260hp.

The team knows that MSFS simmers are increasingly demanding not only in terms of visuals but also with the overall sound environment of the aircraft. With that in mind, Got Friends is in the process of recording detailed real-world sounds from an existing operational aircraft, in collaboration with the owner of a Wilga based in EXGM Forwood Farm, in the UK.

As we’re now used to from Got Friends, the Wilga will include a special “twist”, a unique feature implemented by the team in all their payware aircraft. We had the Nitrous Oxide injection system in the Gee Bee R3, the animal companions in the Edgley Optica, and the multiplayer towing in the Discus-2c. There’s something special reserved for the Wilga as well, but we’ll have to wait for further news about that particular feature.

Got Friends tells us that the Wilga is currently aimed for a release this summer, so we should not have to wait long to see this legendary aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator”.