QualityWings 787 Ultimate SP2 uitgebracht

QualityWings heeft vandaag, op de tweede verjaardag van de QualityWings 787, SP2 uitgebracht. Dit ServicePack brengt naast een aantal welkome verbeteringen ook de 787-10 naar je flightsim. Ook staan er nieuwe liveries op de web site.

Alleen de verbeterde GSX integratie komt in een later stadium. De update kan hier worden gedownload. Een uninstall is nodig voordat de nieuwe versie wordt geïnstalleerd.



  • Boeing 787-10 variant
  • VATSIM Transponder compatibility
  • Custom SELCAL
  • Engine windmilling effect
  • Wheelchocks
  • Option to customize PFD colors added (see documentation)
  • New QW loadagent in EFB
  • Customized airline specific EFB graphics
  • Reworked weather radar for improved stability, range and realism
  • Cockpit Display fonts & alignment improved
  • Fuel Prediction shows -nan(ind) when loading a saved flight with uplinked winds
  • VC – FO EFB clickspots are out of alignment
  • VC – External Power “Avail” annunciators do not work occasionally
  • VC – Pedestal appears too bright when Interior Shadows are disabled (P3Dv4 only)
  • VC – cockpit certificates read -8 for all variants
  • VC – improved button/switch animations
  • VC – HUD occasionally disappears below 30ft AGL
  • VC – Yoke deflection angle corrected
  • Exterior – Main Gear Tires too glossy
  • Exterior – SODE jetway position too high
  • Flaps 17/18/20 not recognized as valid take off settings
  • PFD – Flight Director does not appear until MCP speed gets changed
  • ND – “Time to Align” overlaps MAP/PLAN buttons in Plan Mode on full ND
  • Display brightness setting does not get saved when clicking “SAVE CONFIG” on the QW CONFIG screen
  • Panelstate – When loading a panelstate where the APU was running, the APU is shutdown but the switch in the ON position. APU should be up and running
  • FMC OPT/RECMD/MAX altitude logic flawed
  • EFB – Passenger count and cargo weights incorrect for -9 and -10
  • EFB – Landing Distances show as ‘0’ when using “copy from FMC”. Fixed by re-selecting the runway
  • EFB – Mismatch between FMC/EICAS and EFB weights
  • CDU – When entering a value to change the STEP SIZE, the scratchpad does not clear
  • Excessive thrust increase/decrease during turns
  • TCAS does not filter traffic outside of altitude limits (BELOW/NORM/ABOVE)
  • QW Dispatcher – Pax weight changed to 190lbs
  • Tail Strobe lightsplash missing (P3Dv4 only)
  • White Engines appear slightly gray-ish (P3Dv4 only)
  • Improvements to Panel State saving / loading
  • Anti-Skid system fixed
  • Exit positions for SODE jetways fixed
  • Strobe lights default to OFF when loading the plane on the ground