QualityWings status update Q2-2017

Afgelopen weekend ontvingen wij weer een status update van QualityWings. De ontwikkelaar die al geruime tijd werkt aan de Boeing 787 Dreamliner voor FSX en Prepar3D. In deze update weer een berg aan nieuwe informatie rondom de Dreamliner. En, goed nieuws? Jazeker, we kunnen de 787 op korte termijn verwachten! Je kunt het volledige persbericht hieronder lezen:


Greetings from QualityWings,


Since our last progress update in February, some of you of may have seen our banner reading ‘Summer 2017’ instead of the dreaded ‘Coming Soon’. The QW787 has been in beta testing for a little bit more than six months and we’re lucky to have a beta team that is knowledgable, diverse, dedicated and very passionate at what they do…in other words they drive us crazy (which is a good thing)!


The beta team has helped us resolve more than 600 reported issues during testing and the result is a product we feel is close to release. With that in mind we are excited to disclose information about the intitial release and pricing.
Product scope
Initial release is expected to include the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 with GEnx and Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine variants. Both variants come with completely custom flight dynamics, properly simulated FADEC and engine characteristics as well as complete soundsets true to their real life counterparts. A lot of time and attention has been spent to make you actually see, feel and hear like you’re flying a Trent or a GEnx. Differences between the two variants include:
  • Adapted weights and thrust ratings
  • Full Trent and GEnx sound
  • Hand flying characteristics unique to the -8 and -9
  • Simulation of the hybrid laminar-flow control (HLFC) system
  • Additional flap settings and modified main landing gear unique to the -9
While we don’t anticipate any issues with the 787-9, testing on that model is behind the -8 and we won’t delay the release for the -9. In this case, the -9 would be delivered as a free update after the initial release.
Supported platforms
The Ultimate 787 Collection will be available for: Microsoft Flight Simulator X / FSX Steam Edition and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4. Initially the product will only be released for FSX.


Product pricing
The price for each platform will be 69.95 USD.
The product will be sold separately for FSX and P3D.
Buying the product for FSX will not guarantee operation in P3D and vice versa.
Like the Ultimate 146 Collection, Flight1 will be used for distribution which includes a 30 day refund policy.
Thanks for your continued interest in the QW787 and your patience during the development cycle. We look forward to meeting all those attending FlightSimCon 2017 and additional events in the future.


Your QualityWings Team