RealView v1.4 uitgekomen HighSkyTech

Goed nieuws als je RealView voor X-Plane v11+ bezit, nu is versie v1.4 uitgekomen. Ontwikkelaar HighSkyTech heeft o.a. deze gave camera addon geschikt gemaakt voor VR en de X-Plane v11.50+ Vulkan engine. Good job! (Let op! Deze update is niet beschikbaar via Simmarket, Ik heb de ontwikkelaar een mail gestuurd met de vraag hoe Simmarket klanten kunnen updaten, zodra ik antwoord heb laat ik het jullie hier weten). Hieronder de lange v1.4 update lijst en verdere info:


The plugin itself adds a new dimension of camera immersion, with soft and smooth camera movements in a “new generation of camera engine”. In a way, it is somewhat similar to XPRealistic, though each has their own set of features of course.

The plugin can be purchased from for US $24.95, though is temporarily discounted to $18.95 as of time of writing.

The full changelog for version 1.4 is as follows:

  • Added new updater system
  • Added ability to download beta version of plugin via plugin
  • Added ability to reload components of plugin in real-time [TEST]
  • Added slider: Download timeout time
  • Added slider: Download speed limit
  • Added command for disable all camera motion
  • Added ability to show UI via command
  • Added brand new UI based on contextWindow rendering technology, without any flashes and
  • Added new UI pages:
        • General
        • G-Force
        • Effects
        • Preferences
        • Updater
  • Added brand-new product manual, brand images and e.t.c
  • Added enhanced turbulence immersion (shake when you fly trough airflow ane e.t.c) //Only for xA Pro cooperation
  • Added sound immersion in turbulence //Only for xA Pro cooperation
  • Added new logic of inter xp menus
  • Added “Centerize camera” feature.
  • Added new profiles control
  • Added new about page
  • Added vibrations for engine for all aircrafts
  • Added completely new fuselage, gear vibrations
  • Added new terrain reflect effect. Shake engine reacts now to different surfaces:
        • Grass strip
        • Concrete
        • Asphalt
        • Dirt
        • RWY shoulder
        • RWY blast pad
        • Object (for example, if you use custom object scenery, RealView
    Engine will accurate simulate all object relief)
        • Lake
        • Snow
        • Gravel
        ..and many many more.
  • Added new overspeed, stall effects
  • Added new g-force vibrations effects
  • Added new engine RPM effect
  • Updated SASL v3 engine version up to: 3.10.2
  • Fixed CTD with command line
  • Fixed CTD when you open menu in VR
  • Fixed camera commands (Added all commands by user requests, thanks for report @ghun1)
  • Fixed internal SASL v3 API compatibility issues
  • Fixed compatibility issues between xA Pro & RealView
  • Fixed incorrect plugin shutdown state
  • Fixed possible CTD when you open UI on Mac
  • Fixed possible CTD when plugin detect xAmbience Pro
  • Fixed possible CTD when plugin detect FreeTrack
  • Fixed possible CTD with other environment addons
  • Fixed inoperative plugin state after aircraft reloading
  • Fixed inoperative internet connection after plugin reload
  • Fixed incorrect simvert data
  • Fixed incorrect data processing from xAmbience Pro
  • Fixed commands processing
  • Fixed compatibility with other addons
  • Fixed incorrect turbulence state with xAmbience Pro
  • Fixed internal code errors
  • Fixed other possible CTD’s and other old issues
  • Corrected presets, and renamed to “Profiles”
  • Corrected aircraft decection logic
  • Corrected camera motion
  • Corrected landing effect (more accurate touchdown)
  • Corrected feature “Smart Zoom” (more accurate moving)
  • Corrected logic of presets saving
  • Main logic code was reviewed and corrected
  • Corrected and renamed many setting items
  • Removed “dark theme”
  • Removed old stylish interface
  • Removed subpanel mode of drawing
  • Removed old soung engine
  • Removed old touchdown effect
  • Removed camera freezing when you edit settings parameters
  • Removed camera freezing when you change view
  • Removed all old camera logic



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