Released: Voie Blue Brussels Charleroi

Ontwikkelaar Voie Blue heeft een nieuwe versie van Brussels Charleroi uitgebracht voor Prepar3Dv4.4. Ondanks de naam ‘Brussels’ ligt het vliegveld zo’n 46 km. bij de Belgische hoofdstad vandaan. Air Belgium heeft hier haar thuisbasis, en verder wordt het aangedaan door diverse low-cost carriers als Ryanair en Wizz Air.

De scenery kost ca. €17. Meer informatie is te vinden op de productpagina bij simMarket.


  • P3D V4 compatible only
  • Textures night and day for all season
  • Seasonal textures : summer – winter – hard winter – spring – fall  managed by an external tool
  • Detailed airport, limited to the public part (restricted for U.S. area)
  • Photo ground airport textures from IGN
  • Volumetric grass and custom vegetation
  • Compatible with traffic AI add-ons and GSX
  • English manual
  • Specific landclass and autogen
  • Approche 3D light on runway 24

Changelog from v1:

  • 3 new parking positions lost in the 2013   (70, 71, 72)
  • Dynamic Night Lighting on Aprons, (specific P3D V4 light effect)
  • Terminal T1 with basic interiors passenger halls rebuilt in 3D with GMAX
  • Terminal T2 with basic interiors passenger halls in 3D
  • All libraries re-compiled with SDK from P3D V4
  • Ground re-compiled with SDK from P3D V4
  • AFCAD re-compiled with SDK from P3D V4
  • Addition of an externe tool which allows you to choose the season you want whenever you want  for better performance about the photo ground !
  • Improve of some elements
  • Decrease in the quantity of several objects for performance issues: 3D herbs, 3D cars …
  • Removal of the F33
  • Removal of a lot of crashboxes on a lot of items
  • Runways numbers change, conform to 2019 and magnetic change: 6-24 instead of 7-25
  • Add the DME at the ILS 24