Ontwikkelingen Aerosoft CRJ

Op het forum van Aerosoft heeft ontwikkelaar Hans Hartmann een nieuwe status update geplaatst met betrekking tot de Aerosoft CRJ. Gelukkig wordt er ondanks de zeer lange beta-fase nog steeds actief aan dit toestel gewerkt. Laten we dus snel kijken wat voor nieuws er vandaag te melden is:

Time for a small update from the beta front.

I flew a new revision of the beta this morning after Hans did a lot of work on the CRJ. What is a lot of work? The sound code had to be revised to make it future proof, many FPS optimizations have been made and we are closing in on a completed LNAV. Small stuff like double ADF’s, message logic, x-side needles and new sounds were also added. The list was long.

I made a short flight from ELLX to EDDM and would like to share the last part of the approach with you guys so you can get an idea of the current state. In the video you will see that the localizer is tracked with an offset, we are still scratching our heads about this one as it only happens once in an while. The AP commands some right aileron during level flight (this could be because the aircraft is an ex Eurowings one and those are known to be badly maintained ) The AP off sound does not work and the EGWPS is having some mode issues. All in all it is small stuff. But a lot of small stuff also takes time and not every snag is as easily found as in this video.

Because I fly with unlimited FPS and vsync on with an 30Hz monitor I asked Hans if he could squeeze as much FPS from the model as possible because I need a solid 30FPS to not get any stutters. Hans delivered promptly by making the following options available in Dave:


I am now a very happy camper as FPS remain solid at 30 by switching off the FO displays when flying into dense areas. (Which EDDM is not btw, think more EGGL, EDDF)

The video is in 4K, be sure to select that. You may have trouble seeing all the instruments on a small display. I fly with an 0.50 zoom level on an 43″ TV which works fine for me.