ToLiss 319 V1.3.2 uitgebracht

ToLiss heeft vandaag V1.3.2 uitgebracht van de A319 voor X-Plane. Dit toestel is van hoge study-level kwaliteit en zelfs sinds deze release officieel gelicenceerd door Airbus. De changelog is hieronder te bekijken:



  • Chages from build 1006 (V1.3.1) to build 1011 (V1.3.2)Major new features:
    – Change product name from ToLiss 319 to Airbus A319 by ToLiss as we are now officially licensed (affects manuals)
    – Large reduction in CPU and GPU workload caused by the ToLiss systems plugin.Minor new features:
    – Texture and 3d rework from Matthew and Totedemac
    – OHP integrated lights are now depending on individual busses, depending on the respective electrical supply. (Try doing the annunciator test on batteries only!)
    – Battery startup now includes the delay that it takes the Battery Charge Limiters to connect the batteries
    – You can now choose to save popup positions from one flight to the next.
    – MCDU does not react instantly to clicks anymore but has a small predefined delay.
    – Added GPWS faults to the failure scenario options
    – Added tire smoke on touch down, engine smoke during start on very cold days, and fire on crash to the particle effects
    – Fine tuned engine heat blur particle effect
    – Cockpit lighting adaptation
    – Doppler effect for external sounds can now be switched ON and OFF

    Bug fixes:
    – TCAS now works as it should with online flying clients. (Tested with xivap and xsquawkbox)
    – Removed VFE Next indication on PFD above 20000ft
    – Fixed a FMS crash when changing SIDs
    – Fixed the flashing behaviour of the QNH/Std indication in the PFD if the selection matches the selected FCU altitude
    – Fixed the default camera position to not be in the seats head rest
    – Improved descent behaviour for descents starting before the T/D
    – Fixed behaviour when pulling the SPD knob AFTER selecting the desired target speed.
    – If you turn off the PFD, the PFD image swaps automatically to the ND correctly now.
    – Trim Air Valves do not swap positions anymore and temperature changes are more gradual.
    – Added correction for DME offsets on ILS DMEs.
    – WX system switch now does what it’s supposed to do.
    – Fixed the pitch trim wheel and drum animations

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