Update Microsoft Flight Simulator

Opnieuw heeft het ontwikkelteam achter Microsoft Flight Simulator een development update geplaatst inclusief een nieuwe Discovery Serie – Episode 4 met betrekking tot de cockpits. Deze nieuwe episode is direct boven dit bericht te kijken. Meer informatie is te vinden op de website van Microsoft Flight Simulator.


November 27th, 2019 – Development Update

“25,001 – wishing everyone a safe and wonderful start to the holiday season!”




We are pleased to announce the fourth episode in our Feature Discovery Series has been released! Presented at our Global Preview Event, Episode 4 (COCKPITS) features a detailed look at few of the cockpits we’re building for the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Head into the Insider area to watch Episode 4!


To accommodate many of the recent discussions happening across the community from the news coverage coming out of X0, the team has decided to delay the preview of the Feedback Snapshot to mid-December. This will allow us to provide a version of the snapshot that contains all recently discussed topics and will provide a more accurate view of the information we are tracking. We apologize for the delay.

Next update – 12.05!


Microsoft Flight Simulator Team