Vooral bekend uit de Falklandoorlog is de IA-58 PUCARÁ, Nu kunt u deze toch wel heel bijzondere kist via ontwikkelaar Aeroplane Heaven zelf vliegen binnen FSX / P3D. Beiden versies zijn hier los te koop op Simmarket voor 21.42 Euro.


The Pucará ( Quechuan for “fortress” ) is an Argentinian Ground attack and counter insurgency aircraft. A very capable and formidable aircraft it saw action in the Falklands war and the Sri-lankan civil war.

By the time of the Falklands War, about 60 Pucarás had been delivered as it was built primarily to fly from shorter less than perfect airstrips it was decided that a small number of Pucarás should be sent to the Falklands. Most of the other Pucarás were stationed in Argentina as close to the Falklands as possible. Unfortunately in the battle for air supremacy the Pucará was outclassed by the VTOL jet , the Harrier. The Pucará however still continues to serve albeit in various upgraded forms.