Aerosoft Aerosoft Antarctica Vol. 1 bijgewerkt naar v1.1.0.0

Aerosoft heeft Antarctica Vol. 1 (British Rothera and Beyond) voorzien van een nieuwe update. Deze update kan eenvoudig worden binnengehaald met Aerosoft One. Bekijk het volledige changelog hieronder.



  • FIXED: Animations randomly stopping
  • FIXED: Smooth terrain imagery transition between Rothera 3D glaciers and background default scenery (SU7 broke it so a fix was needed)
  • FIXED: Removed invisible vegetation under glacier that was loaded there after SU7.
  • FIXED: Bright nighttime textures on some models
  • FIXED: Improved visibility of equipment frames at Sky Blu.
  • NEW: Moving objects on water (orcas, icebreaker, zodiac, major iceberg) now become invisible at temperatures below +1°C (which is presumably more or less the temperature when the sea water around the base is displayed as frozen after loading the flight)
  • NEW: Parkpositions now selectable for AQ80-Fossil Bluff and AQ85-Sky Blu
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