Aerosoft Airbus professional Connected Flightdeck in beta

Aerosoft heeft een nieuwe (experimentele) update vrijgegeven van de Airbus professional, versie Belangrijkste toevoeging is de Connected Flightdeck feature. Deze stelt je in staat om met iemand anders samen een vlucht te doen, eventueel nog met één of meerdere observers erbij.
De update kan worden gedownloaded via de Aerosoft Updater (alleen als je in de instellingen het vinkje voor experimentele updates aan hebt staan).
Meer informatie over de CFD is te vinden op het Aerosoft forum.
Changelog: Experimental (Including Connected Flight Deck)
———-> OVERWRITES LIVERIES <————–Bug Fix: Fix in RAD NAV on VOR course
Bug Fix: Fixes in Loadsheet report, wrong values when not using the FuelPlanner
Bug Fix: Minor fix on RemoteCDU: it might be disabled under certain conditions.
Bug Fix: Fixes related to magnetic variation on WPTs shown on F-PLN page (multiple leg types)
Bug Fix: FMGS was totally locked up on PRINT ALL for WX reports
Bug Fix: Arrival airport data was sometimes unavailable when ALTN is also present, leading to issues like dashed UTC, EFOB etc
Bug Fix: Occasional exception when scrolling the ARRIVALS page
Bug Fix: Fixes in F-PLN page, spd/mach and alt values displayed incorrectly, constraints displayed incorrectly
Bug Fix: During fire test the engine fault light on pedestal now nolonger comes on
Bug Fix: ELEC: GEN1+GEN2 “OFF” light logic inverted
Bug Fix: HYD: ECAM page: Status of HYD pumps inverted
Bug Fix: CTD happened on HOLD at PPOS
Bug Fix: Clearing the Flaps/Trim settings on RWY change
Bug Fix: TO SHIFT clearing manually and also automatically on RWY change
Bug Fix: PROG page: manually entered required RNP value was being overwritten, and also wrong font size;
Bug Fix: PSD placement on a curve was incorrect, e.g. LEMD ILS32RZ VIA ASBIN
Bug Fix: REPORT page: it was totally blank when the arrival airport wasn’t selected.
Bug Fix: CTD on WX request with the wind speed given in other units
Bug Fix: ACARS: the wind speed from METAR REPORT wasn’t converted when storing values (if given in different units, KMH or MPS)
Bug Fix: the RNP value wasn’t synced with FO MCDU;
Bug Fix: incorrect indication for the RNP value with precision
Bug Fix: enormous curves on ND caused by invalid navaid coordinates, if navaid isn’t present in the active navdata
Improvement: Connected Flight Deck activated for Open Beta
Improvement: Tweaks to QNH/STD
Improvement: More tweaks to PFD
Improvement: ECAM COND: Temp drop to OAT made faster again when packs are switched off
Improvement: GCS switch of WXR now springloaded to AUTO position
Improvement: Multiple changes to DUPLICATES page
Improvement: Tweaks for GSX2
Improvement: layout for prints improved
Improvement: ELEC: Several internal adaptations to match newer BUS logic from A320
Improvement: Dual Input sounds added