Aerosoft Airport Brno

Aerosoft heeft zojuist Airport Brno uitgebracht voor Microsoft Flight Simulator. De luchthaven heet Brno–Tuřany Airport (LKTB) en ligt zo’n 7,5 km. van het centrum van Brno. Brno is na Praag de grootste stad van Tsjechië met zo’n 380.000 inwoners. In 2019 maakten ruim 500.000 passagiers gebruik van het vliegveld.

Vandaag de dag wordt het vliegveld vooral gebruikt door Aegean Airlines (Thessaloniki), Ryanair (Stansted) en Smartwings (diverse zonbestemmingen).

Je kunt de scenery aanschaffen via Aerosoft voor ca. €15.



  • Detailed passenger terminal with interior and animated passengers
  • Airport infrastructure includes buildings, hangars, fire department building
  • Flying club Brno-Slatina
  • Flight school HERBST AERO
  • User models of lights along taxiways with lighting connected to them
  • Detailed marking of taxiway, runway, apron
  • Animated locator antenna, passengers, flags
  • Brno castle – a modern building located in the city which is called the Brno Tower with a height of 111 m
  • A detailed medical clinic in Brno, on the territory of which there are two operating helipads where you can land and take off in helicopters
  • The DHL Express logistics center was implemented
  • Logistics center near the airport Lorenc Logistic, Ltd
  • Implemented weather radar Sokolnice
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