Aerosoft Airport Chania bijgewerkt naar v1.0.1.0.

Aerosoft heeft Chania Airport voor Microsoft Flight Simulator van een nieuwe versie voorzien. Deze versie is inmiddels binnen te halen via Aerosoft One of de bekende shops. Een overzicht met alle verbeteringen vind je hieronder.



  • Improved ground textures at apron area
  • Improved and more detailed taxisigns
  • Custom runway, rail, taxiway and approach lights
  • Replacement of all apron and parking vehicles with new ones
  • Addition of new taxi lines at the apron area
  • Addition of the new apron taxilines and dynamic lighting at NSA area
  • Modification of the airport name signs at the terminal (blue instead of white with FRAPORT logo addition)
  • Correction of few floating objects
  • Correction of the position of military shelters
  • Correction of the ATC instructions to include taxiway names and showing the correct taxi ribbon
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