Aerosoft Airport Paderborn bijgewerkt naar v1.0.5.0

Aerosoft heeft Airport Paderborn voorzien van een nieuwe update. Door Sim Update 4 waren er issues ontstaan waardoor de ILS niet meer goed werkte en met deze update is dat dus verholpen. Om deze nieuwe versie te kunnen gebruiken moet er wel een volledig nieuwe installer worden gedownload. Dit kan hier. Hieronder het volledige changelog.



  • Fixed misaligned localizers.

  • Taxiway edge lights now uses new airport light system
  • Fixed issue where VDGS could spawn at incorrect altitudes
  • Fixed missing VDGS display indication after sim-update 3
  • Adjusted VDGS lateral beam width
  • Added more distinct runway decal texture
  • Added ambient passengers and walk paths inside terminals
  • Removed environmental effects inside terminal

  • Improved jetway animations
  • Added VDGS guidance.(*) (stands 4 to 6)
  • Remote stands now have ramp connection
  • Fixed missing localizer signal when aircraft is on the runway
  • ILS frequency is now set automatically in FMS


The VDGS are treated similarly to ground crew marshallers, the frequency these objects spawn are based on the “Vehicle Density” option. Selecting a stand equiped with a VDGS as the destination during flight planning also increases the chance for such an object to spawn.

  • Fixed missing trees after update

  • Added star symbol on world map
  • Removed green tint on buildings at night
  • Improved runway slope profile
  • Improved windsock animations
  • Adjusted taxiway edge light glass draw order
  • Fixed incorrect hangar texture map Download release

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