Aerosoft Approaching Dortmund bijgewerkt naar v1.2.0.0

Aerosoft heeft Approaching Dortmund een update gegeven naar v. Deze versie brengt een groot aantal verbeteringen om de stad en omgeving up-to-date te brengen. De update kan middels een nieuwe installer worden gedownloaded via de web site van Aerosoft.


  • Functional clock at St. Reinoldikirche (displays the local time)
  • 3D models of the wind turbines replaced (generator housing with typical ENERCON drop shape)
  • New obstacle light created for wind turbines (with high visibility)
  • Power station Knepper removed (was blown up in February 2019)
  • Texture of St. Reinoldikirche corrected (texture of analog clock incorporated)
  • Two new FX files for St. Reinoldikirche (bell ringing at 12:00 noon)
  • WAV file of St. Reinoldikirche changed
  • New Autogen type assigned for bushes/hedges (previously green in winter)
  • Number of autofiles optimized (reduced from 566 AGNs to 462 AGNs)
  • Color correction of the Hengsen-Opherdicke summer aerial view (the parking places were slightly greenish)
  • New: Cycling Avatar (male with helmet)
  • New: Vehicle Hummer H3 (with and without PBR material)
  • AS Updater included
  • Wind objects rotate into the wind according to P3D V4 wind variables
    • Wind turbines
    • Windsocks at the clinic and Hengsen airfield
    • Wind turbine sewage treatment plant at Hengsen-Opherdicke
  • Special functionality on bike and Hummer H3
    • The front and rear lights on the bike can be switched on with a mouse click
    • The front headlamps can be switched on with a mouse click on the gear lever in the vehicle (button assignment for landing headlamps)