Aerosoft F-14 Extended (v3) in ontwikkeling

Aerosoft is druk bezig met een update voor de F-14 Extended. Er is een speciale forumpost geopend met daarin de verwachtingen voor dit nieuwe product. Versie 3 is gericht op Prepar3D (v3 en v4) gebruikers en brengt ook een aantal nieuwe features met zich mee. De update zal voor bestaande gebruikers gratis beschikbaar komen.

Hieronder de Engelstalige samenvatting met zaken die worden aangepakt in deze nieuwe update:


Important Notes:

  • The update is free for all existing owners of the F-14 Extended
  • The file structure has been redesigned for the newest versions of Prepar3D, and is only available for P3D v3 and v4
  • In single seat option, the package is fully compatible with TacPack (P3Dv4) out of the box, Kitty Hawk and all. Special thanks to VRS for working so quickly to make this happen

Shared Cockpit

  • Shared cockpit is the major new feature of the F-14 Extended v3 (aside from P3Dv4 compatibility), and special thanks to Jon Bleeker at MilViz for making this a reality
  • Please read the attached instructions below or your first hop as a RIO will likely have connection issues
  • Shared cockpit is mostly compatible with TacPack. All major functions work, but both the Pilot and RIO have separate payloads. We are working with VRS to try and find a solution
  • The F-14 uses many custom variables, and we tried to ‘accident’ proof the cockpit as much as possible, but it is not prankster proof. E.g., It is not possible for the RIO to operate the flaps, throttles, etc. It is possible for the RIO to use the mouse to flip switches in the front seat.

Setup Note – Shared Cockpit.pdf


  • All models of the F-14 recompiled in P3Dv4 native format
  • Aircraft exterior lighting has been improved to not only be more authentic in color and signal, but to also make use of light cast available in P3Dv4 (image below)
  • GPS track (patch of dirt)  for the LANTIRN has been reworked such that all inputs are ground relative rather than aircraft relative. This should make inputs from the RIO stick more controlled and precise
  • Subtle improvements for the TCS system, particularly in the PLM radar mode
  • Almost all of the controls had to be split and sorted to handle the implementation of shared cockpit; improvements (to single player operation) were made when possible. This was mainly in consistency of control input and custom sounds.


We have tried to make improvements on the Kitty Hawk’s FLOLS lights, however, the issue appears to be in the way P3D renders light effects. As the ship is further and further away from the F-14, the visual model of the FLOLS board is rendered as being physically in-front of the light effects (image below). This can be overcome to some extent by offsetting the position of the effects, however, at some distance the board always obstructs the light effect. We have supplied a selection of effects so you can choose the offset that fits your flying style:

  • 0.2nm visibility – Light effects true to light bulbs
  • 0.4nm visibility – Light effects offset 2ft from bulbs
  • 0.7nm visibility – Light effects offset 5ft from bulbs
  • 1.1nm visibility – Light effects offset 10ft from bulbs


  • The lights are located in the Main F-14 installation under Aerosoft F-14 Extended\Aerosoft\F-14A\Alt FLOLS Lights

  • To install, copy/paste the desired effects into the Aerosoft F-14 Extended\Aerosoft directory