Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels krijgt een eerste update

Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels heeft vandaag haar eerste en grote update gekregen. Deze update is direct te downloaden via Aerosoft One en brengt een groot aantal verbeteringen. Bekijk alle veranderingen hieronder.



  • Fixed LOD issue on jetway pier B
  • Fixed LOD issue on B8 Taxiway signs
  • Added detailed and accurate Tower interior
  • Added more heavy stands around Pier A & B
  • Removed snow accumulation inside of Connector interior
  • Removed snow accumulation inside of Lufthansa hangar
  • Reworked empty road signs next to P3
  • Added more LODs to equipment models
  • Smoothed out terrain bump on TWY E5
  • Fixed 3D mesh gap between doors on ExecuJet hangar
  • Added more ground dirt and water spill decals around stands
  • Fixed various 3D mesh errors around Connector / Pier A transition
  • Removed Stand 958
  • Reworked service road markings around stand 958
  • Added spotter platform 01/19 and 07R/25L
  • Added more vehicle traffic around Pier A
  • Improved VFX on ground vehicle traffic
  • Added missing beacon light on jetways in transit (Pier A)
  • Added ground crew inside of jetways (Non-glass variant, Pier B)
  • Reworked AFCAD parking layout and parking radii
  • Reworked ramp gates to reduce flickering
  • Added highly accurate tower interior
  • Added Passenger groups at Pier A and B
  • Improved glass effects on Pier A and B
  • Added starts for heli stands next to the police hangar
  • Added missing rails inside terminal interiors
  • Fixed mesh gaps between floor and moving walkways in terminal interiors
  • Added missing overpass bridges close to the airport
  • Various performance optimizations
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