B-17 Flying Fortress The Bloody 100th update screenshots

Heel, maar dan ook echt heel veel simmer kijken uit naar de aankomende B17 Flying Fortress simulator van MicroProse genaamd ”B-17 Flying Fortress The Bloody 100th”. Wat niet iedereen nog weet is dat je naast de beroemde B17 ook de (iets minder beroemde) B24 Liberator kan vliegen? Hieronder de eerste vrijgegeven B24 screenshots:





About This Game

B-17 The Flying Fortress: The Bloody 100th, is the third game in the critically acclaimed series. The game recreates many of the aspects of the real-life struggles that WWII allied bomber crews faced. From the briefings to landings players will face the arduous, nerve-wracking challenge of delivering payloads deep behind enemy lines against nearly impossible odds.

Manage Your Crew and Aircraft

Your fresh crew will come trained in the basics, but it is through contact with the enemy and their actions that they will learn and improve their skills. As they go through their tour they will receive flight gear upgrades and other additions.

If your B-17 makes it through all 25 missions, there won’t be many original parts left. The Patched panels replaced parts, freshly stenciled victory markings and internal wear and tear will all tell a story that is uniquely its own.

Experience the entire journey


  • Get your orders from the briefing room.
  • Ride with your crew to the hardstand
  • Elephant Walk with the rest of your squadron to the runway
  • Take – off and form up with your squadron.
  • Perform System checks
  • Navigate to the final Target and deliver your payload
  • Then return to base.

All made possible by an engine that can render the entire globe.