Big Radials partner bij Orbx

Big Radials, ontwikkelaar van vintage vliegtuigen, is partner geworden bij Orbx. Dit betekent dat je hun P40-B Tomahawk voor Microsoft Flight Simulator nu ook kunt aanschaffen via de Orbx web site. Bekijk alle features van dit mooie toestel hieronder…



  • Full native flight model, 3D assets, sounds, textures, everything. Hmm yea that’s pretty standard these days isn’t it?
  • Designed for Casual and “Serious” simmers alike. Jump in and #FlyTheDamn plane or take the time to #ReadTheDamnManual and use the Gear and Flaps LIKE A BOSS!
  • 5 * Historic 4K Liveries (well I guess that’s the default size now isn’t it so why do we say it like, oh hey, here’s something you didn’t expect!)
  • 1 * Special Tribute livery #BecauseYoureWorthIt
  • 7 Hour Bushtrip of the Historic NorthWest Staging RouteIt’s finally here!
  • FINALLY we can release the bushtrip with our latest update to the P-40B Tomahawk: The Northwest Staging Route
  • Fly a historic route, lend lease aircraft traveled on their way to Russia
  • Eternal gratitude from a team that has worked hard and knows there’s more to do but reckon you might enjoy what we’ve done so far
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