Coming in hot!

Ontwikkelaar Just Flight staat toch wel bovenaan als het gaat om de productie van Aerofly FS 2 addons. Nu blijken ze ook te werken aan hun geweldige Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer voor deze simulator. Deze addon bestaat al voor FSX/P3D en X-Plane V11+. Wanner deze voor Aerofly FS 2 uitkomt en wat de prijs wordt is nog niet bekend. Zodra dit wel het geval is laten we u het vanzelfsprekend weten.

”Just Flight, in partnership with Propair Flight, are excited to present the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer for Aerofly FS 2.

Following on from their groundbreaking expansions for Aerofly FS 2, this highly detailed simulation of the Hawk T1/A is being developed by Just Flight’s in-house team and Propair Flight following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life ex-RAF and ETPS Hawk T1.

The Hawk T1 is a British-built single engine jet trainer with a two-man tandem cockpit. First flown in 1974, the Hawk has served as an advanced training aircraft for nearly 40 years. The design has proved to be highly successful, with over 900 examples of more than 10 variants sold to air forces in 18 countries, including the UK, Finland, India and Saudi Arabia.

The Hawk T1 variant, first delivered to the RAF in 1976, continues to serve as an advanced jet and weapons trainer. Possibly the most well-known Hawk T1s are those flown by the world-famous RAF Red Arrows display team, which has been flying the Hawk T1 since 1979”.