DCS WORLD Patch incl Mosquito uitgekomen!

GOED NIEUWS! De Houten kist waar velen wereldwijd op gewacht hebben is inmiddels te vliegen zijn binnen DCS World. Zojuist is namelijk de nieuwste grote patch uitgekomen voor deze geweldige militaire simulator incl de tweemotorige British de Havilland Mosquito als ”Early Access”. Nog niet aangeschaft? Wees er snel bij aangezien ze nu nog maar 47.99 USd kost i.p.v. 59.99 USd.


Bovenstaand een prachtige video van de echte, onderstaand de DCS World versie. Hoe echt kan een simulator toch zijn, zo gaaf dit!


One of the most revolutionary and effective combat aircraft of WWII, the British de Havilland Mosquito was in service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1940 to 1961. A brilliant and innovative design, the ‘Mossie’ left a bright and lasting mark in the history of aviation and served the United States, Canada, and Australia.

An airframe built mostly of wood, to save on scarce metal supplies, earned the Mosquito the nickname “The Wooden Wonder”. It was also known as ‘Freeman’s Folly’ after the Air Marshal who backed its production.

Armed with four 7.7mm (.303in) Browning machine guns and four 20mm (.79in) Hispano Mk.II cannons, this superbly versatile fighter-bomber could carry both bomb and rocket payloads over long distances at high speed – and deliver them with pinpoint accuracy.

The Mossie’s ability to maintain a high cruising speed at high altitude made it very difficult for Luftwaffe fighters to intercept it.

The DCS: Mosquito FB VI fighter-bomber you will be flying is the most impressive variant of this aircraft to see action in WWII. A total of 2,140 were produced.

Equipped with more powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin 25 engines, the FB Mk. VI’s excellent handling characteristics make it a pleasure to fly.

Early Access Features:

  • High-quality external 3D model
  • 6 Degree of Freedom fully clickable cockpit with latest visual effects
  • Flight Dynamics based on official reports, our own CFD research and pilot feedback
  • Full Fuel system and optional external tanks
  • Full electrical system
  • Full hydraulic and pneumatic system
  • Propeller feathering
  • Radio units T1154 (transmitter) & R1155 (receiver)
  • Support of the new internal structure-based damage model

Early Access Armament:

  • 4 British Browning .303 machine guns
  • 4 Hispano Mk.II 20mm guns
  • 250lbs and 500lbs bombs in the bomb bay and under each wing


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