Dit willen jullie niet missen!

Ontwikkelaar PMDG heeft wat betreft hun MSFS add-ons goed nieuws!

Hoogtepunten zijn dat:

De DC-6 al binnen enkele weken uitkomt

De 737 en 777 hoogstwaarschijnlijk geheel onverwachts dit jaar nog uitkomen i.p.v.  2022 of later.

747 Queen of the skies Begin 2022

Je leest alles hier bij onze vriendelijke collega’s van FSELITE.


Update van PMDG zelf:


“There has been a fair amount of skepticism within our customer base as to whether Microsoft Flight Simulator is-or-will-be a valid platform for the sorts of products PMDG makes. We have remained silent on the topic in part because we don’t generally talk much about products early in the development cycle. We also don’t like to talk too much about our development agenda prior to a development project reaching some maturity because it is important as a small developer for us to maintain as much flexibility as possible to shift resources around as they are needed to keep projects from bogging down. But this of course has caused some conjecture on what our opinion of the platform might be, so we thought it might be a good time to lay bare what we are up to with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We are “all in” with this new platform. We have reached the point where we are certain that we can get all of our product lines effectively into the simulator, and that process has begun in earnest. Currently we are working on the DC-6 and the 737 product lines, and Vin is building out the new flight deck for the 777. We fully expect to have the DC-6 and 737’s released this year, with a remote possibility of the 777 releasing as well by year end, and the 747 during first half of 2022”.

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