DreamFoil Creations S300CBi 1.1 update on final

Niet zo lang geleden schreven we er al over, en nu is het dan bijna zover. De update voor de DreamFoil Creations S300CBi komt als het goed is nog dit weekend uit. Naast een hele lange lijst verbeteringen is het model veel mooier geworden. Daarnaast komt er ook een speciale X-Plane V11+ (Incl V11.50+) versie uit. We houden jullie op de hoogte! Geniet inmiddels maar alvast van wat nieuwe preview shots en een deel van de lange lijst met verbeteringen.

Version 1.1 designed for X-Plane 11.41r1 & Vulkan compatible:
 – Opaque blur rotor fixed, had to remove rotor blur shadows as this was causing the issue
 – Fixed small section of belt not being animated
 – Changed belt animation type for smoother animation
 – Fixed weights not being set properly
 – Fixed clock digits not displaying
 – Increased interior textures brightness
 – Improved starter strength
 – Changed battery efficiency curve for more realism
 – Added PBR textures for interior/exterior
 – Adjusted idle values for low and high altitude
 – Adjusted envelope performance
 – DreamEngine volumes added to SmartMenu
 – Fixed pilot figure being displayed on interior view
 – Completely new SmartMenu plugin system compatible with VR
 – New SmartLivery compatible with X-Plane 11 thumbnails
 – Increased floats damping on water
 – Changed glovebox handling code for simpler VR interaction
 – Fixed cold/dark starting with rotating blades and some switches enabled
 – Simplified governor code & increased elasticity
 – Added manipulators for collective and cyclic
 – Increased manipulators size for better experience
 – Improved DreamEngine refresh rate to require less processing power
 – Fixed “ants” artifacts caused by very small uv lands
 – Changed rotor brake coefficients for smoother reaction
 – Increased landing light spot size
 – Fixed engine trying to start with magneto with no keys
 – Slightly changed clutch system for easier engagement (keep on middle green arc)
 – Added SmartMenu icons mipmapping for better small icones rendering
 – Improved engine sound transition from starter to idle
 – Added exhaust texture to demonstrate when engine is overheating
S300CBi - 2020-04-16 13.11.35.jpg

S300CBi - 2020-04-16 13.17.12.jpg

S300CBi - 2020-04-16 13.18.00.jpg