EZCA 3 Pro bèta voor P3D V5 beschikbaar

Goed nieuws voor de EZdok Camera Professional v3 bezitters voor P3D. U kunt nu bèta versie V3.1.0.26 downloaden. Deze versie is geschikt voor het nieuwe Prepar3D V5. Het linkje vind u helemaal onderaan van het  onderstaande bericht:


Dear EZCA3 users!
We are starting an open beta test of the new version of EZCA3.1.
This version is completely similar to version 3.0, but only compatible with Prepar3D v5!
Version 3.1 is an update for version 3.0, i.e. the EZCA v3 version must be installed in the system.
The new version 3.1 is installed in a separate folder (Program files/EZCA3.1).
So if you continue to use P3D4 or FSX in parallel with P3D5, version 3.0 will load with these simulators, and version 3.1 with P3D5.
Both versions use the same DB with saved settings and cameras. Therefore, when you switch to P3D5, you get all your settings and cameras that were previously configured in EZCA v3.0.
Now, any changes to cameras and settings in EZCA3.1 will automatically be reflected in EZCA3.0 and Vice versa.
Important note!
After installing the new version 3.1, you will be asked to run the EZCA Config tool – this must be done!
Config tool will write new paths for starting EZCA3.1 with P3D5 and configure the simulator.
Important note!
When installing any new aircraft in P3D v5, you must re-run the EZCA Config tool.
This is a file Config.exe located in the /Program files/EZCA3.1/ folder.
Leave your feedback about the work of this version and all the bugs found in this forum thread.
Enjoy your fly with EZCA!
EZCA v. (beta)
Update is free for all EZCAv3 users.