F-16D Block 52+ Interceptor X-Plane v11+ uitgekomen

Toch wel een van de mooiste kisten ooit ontwikkeld is en blijft de F16 waaronder de tweezits F-16D Block 52. Deze kist is onder andere in gebruik bij de Israëlische luchtmacht (IAF) en zie je vaak met Conformal Fuel Tanks. Nu is deze kist er in prachtige vorm voor X-Plane v11+ aangezien ontwikkelaar DeltaWing deze tweezitter inmiddels uitgegeven heeft. Hier te koop voor 45 USD. De video spreekt voor zich………………PRACHTIG!


F-16D Block 52+ Interceptor -DeltaWing-F16D

DeltaWing Simulations Releases F-16 for X-Plane - Threshold

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DeltaWing Simulations proudly presents you, F-16D Block 52+ Interceptor.
(this is a new and different model than the F-16C. Customers who own the F16C can get a discount on the F16D. Coupon code found in the original F16C invoice)
Flight model is optimized for realistic performance with basic FBW functions controlled by plugin.
Current Features:
  • Custom Air to Air weapons (Aim-120, Aim-9)
  • 8 free highly detailed real world F-16 liveries plus our house livery. (many more free to download from org)
  • Highly detailed 3d exterior model
  • Highly detailed 3d front and back cockpit model
  • Highly detailed 3d pilot figure with options for his appearance and helmet type
  • Custom HUD
  • Custom Air to Air Radar
  • Custom selectable action camera angles.
  • Custom JHMCS HUD
  • Dual Custom MFD displays with pop up option
  • Custom programmable DED
  • Custom remove before flight objects
  • Almost every possible animation in and out of the plane
  • Tailhook
  • Real sounds
  • 4K textures with option for 2K for better performance
  • Realistic startup sequence
  • Custom particles system
  • Custom cockpit lights
  • Custom external lights
  • Customised payload that includes :
  • Optional wing smokers
  • Optional Dorsal Spine
  • Optional wing fuel tanks
  • Optional centerline fuel tank
  • Optional centerline travel pod
  • Optional CFT fuel tanks
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