Flightbeam Auckland Airport uitgebracht

Flightbeam heeft Auckland International Airport (NZAA) uitgebracht voor Microsoft Flight Simulator. Deze luchthaven is de drukste van Nieuw Zeeland met gemiddeld zo’n 21 miljoen passagiers per jaar. Het is gelegen op 21 kilometer van het centrum van Auckland. Tevens is het vliegveld een grote hub voor het internationale vliegverkeer.

Je kunt de scenery nu aanchaffen via de web site van Flightbeam of direct via Contrail voor ca. €17,95.



  • Wide variety of custom static aircraft, from DHL to FEDEX and more
  • Elaborately detailed and realistic 4096×4096 textures with carefully crafted PBR materials
  • Multi-layered, realistic hand-painted ground textures with PBR and custom decals
  • All new Gen-5 Flightbeam Jetways, packed with astounding detail, wear & tear and precision guidance
  • Control Tower interiors, comprehensive modeling and perfect for virtual plane-spotting or virtual ATC operations
  • Key terminal interiors modeled for an exceptional immersive view from the cockpit
  • Massive, high resolution ground imagery included, surrounding the outskirts of the airport
  • Custom-made taxiway lights and runway approach lighting
  • Hand placed custom apron night lights and glows for night time ops
  • Aggressive LOD optimization, ensuring smooth performance even for modest systems
  • Kiwi-approved product, with the vast majority of beta-testers being local to the airport

In development and coming soon as a free update: 

  • VDGS Systems (Visual Docking Guidance System) for each gate
  • Improved Living World assets (animated passengers and workers)
  • 2022 and on: Updates to reflect current airport construction


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