FlightFactor A320 Ultimate v1.0.7 uitgekomen

De titel zegt het al, deze geheel nieuwe versie download u hier via uw persoonlijke account op de X-Plane.org store. Nog niet in uw bezit? Te koop via hetzelfde linkje voor 79.95 USD.

 A full list of changes in v1.0.7 is as follows:

  • Inoperable EFB in some cases 
  • Different multi-monitor panels and render issues 
  • Rudder trim stuck after -20deg * Render in OGL mode on X-Plane 11.50 
  • AMU CAB light flash 
  • ISIS position saving 
  • Hiding panels by click on 2D and 3D cockpit panels 
  • Increased takeoff and taxi lights intensity 
  • APU start in flight after dual engine failure 
  • Saving standard and popout panels configuration 
  • Panels resizing 
  • Possible windows positioning out of visible area 
  • Multi-monitor support for different cockpit interaction modes 
  • Keyboard input into EFB in 2D window mode 
  • Auto CabinReady set in the beginning of running before takeoff 
  • Multi-monitor configurations support 
  • Windows resize in pop-out mode 
  • Applying X-Plane UI scaling for new windows