FlyByWire Simulations A320NX v0.5.4 uitgebracht

FlyByWire Simulations heeft versie 0.5.4. van de A320NX uitgebracht. Hiermee werkt de A320neo mod weer perfect met de laatste versie van Microsoft Flight Simulator. Het gaat hier om de ‘stable’ version. Bijwerken kan eenvoudig via de installer. Bekijk het changelog hieronder:



  • [AVIONICS] Fixed avionics to be compatible with MSFS – @tyler58546 (tyler58546), @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL] Fixed flaps to be compatible with MSFS – @donstim (donbikes#4084)
  • [FCU] Fixed vertical speed selection to be compatible with MSFS – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ND] Fixed VOR/ADF switches to be compatible with MSFS – @tracernz (tracernz)
  • [EFFECTS] Added contrails from MSFS – @tyler58546 (tyler58546)


Known Issues:

  • ELEC ECAM page is not functional
  • HYD ECAM page is missing
  • GPWS altitude callouts can be repeated in some cases
  • Various issues related to following STAR’s in managed heading mode
  • Minor issues with following altitude constraints in managed altitude mode
  • ADIRS “ON BAT” light has not been implemented yet


Common User Problems:

  • Autopilot sharp banking or nosediving:
    • Increase your hardware deadzones to 10% or above
  • Aircraft spawns with all lights on and switches in odd positions:
    • Use the installer, DO NOT clone from Github!
  • Low FPS in cockpit:
    • Set cockpit display refresh rate to medium or low
  • Blank first officer screens:
    • Livery issue, please use a different livery
  • Managed navigation mode skips STAR’s and flies directly to airport:
    • Use selected heading when this occurs
  • Wing dips on landing:
    • Use minimal aileron input below 100ft.
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