FS2Crew ”Flight Crew A320 (Button Control)”

Eindelijk kunnen we schrijven ”Geschikt voor Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), P3D en FSX”. Het betreft het aankomende ”Flight Crew A320 (Button Control)” van ontwikkelaar FS2Crew. De prijs of release datum zijn nog niet bekend. zodra we meer weten laten we het jullie weten.

Meet your new Airbus Crew!

Featuring a brand new User Interface system and redesigned from the bottom up, Flight Crew A320 brings your flight simulator experience to a whole new level!

This program was designed for the stock Airbus in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), but it also works in P3D and FSX with the FSLabs and Aerosoft Airbus (albeit within a limited capacity).

Flight Crew A320 features a very low learning curve so you can spend your time flying rather than sifting though a 100 page manual.

This is a BUTTON CONTROL product only.  It does not feature Voice Control.






Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), Prepar 3D, FSX

Internet: An active internet connection is required to install and operate the program.