FS2Crew MaddogX Reboot

FS2Crew heeft haar MaddogX Reboot addon uitgebracht voor de Leonardo Fly The Maddog X MD80. Dit toestel is vandaag uitgebracht en is dus direct te gebruiken in combinatie met de FS2Crew Maddog X Reboot software. Een kleine kanttekening: Dit product is alleen verkrijgbaar in de ‘Voice Control’ variant. Een button control uitvoering is helaas niet verkrijgbaar. FS2Crew MaddogX Reboot is verkrijgbaar voor €34.95 via de productpagina van FS2Crew.

  • Customized to work exclusively with the Leonardo Maddog aircraft and match MD80 SOPs.
  • SDK style functionality: The simulated First Officer can directly control almost every switch on the aircraft.
  • Control the autopilot using voice control!
  • Full voice control integration:  Interact with the flight, cabin and ground crew using your voice!
  • Realistic Maddog checklists!
  • Real human recorded United StatesGerman,  British, French, Irish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Finnish voice sets included for the First Officer.
  • United States and Finnish voice sets recorded by real-world Maddog airline pilots!
  • Checklists, flows and crew interaction designed by a real-world Maddog pilot!
  • FA Cabin announcements with independent adjustable volume control.
  • Integrated Pushback/Start Crew.
  • First Officer takeoffs.