Fs2Crew status update

Van Fs2Crew kregen wij een status update te zien van de diverse producten en updates die in ontwikkeling zijn. Al met al weer een leuk lijstje waar aan gewerkt wordt. Zo wordt er onder andere gewerkt aan een update voor de Fs2Crew PMDG 777 addon en de Fs2Crew NGX Reboot addon. Het complete nieuwsbericht direct van Fs2Crew is hieronder te lezen:

Gents, some general FS2Crew updates for the weekend:

1. FS2Crew: PMDG 777 V1.6: The next update with the updated French voice set is currently being tested by some of our French users. Once we get the ‘C’est Bon’ message from our French users, we’ll release it. That could be any day now.

2. FS2Crew: NGX Reboot. I just finished the V1.1 Reboot update code. There wasn’t much wrong in V1.0, but there were a few tiny bugs which most of you would not notice. We also added some user requests. We need to test V1.1 before releasing it obviously. ETA: As soon as testing is done, probably soon. Then I can work on the free Emergency NGX integration.

3. UGCX: Yes, I know it seems like we’ll all have grey hair before it sees the light of day. But it’s being worked on full tilt at the moment. We have a separate dev team on it full time. With any luck before Xmas you’ll have it, but again, nothing is certain in the world of software. UGCX is by far the hugest FS project FS2Crew has ever done. It’s massive to say the least. Trust me, I want to release it as much as you. So bear with us a bit more.

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