FSFX Packages Q1 2016 update

Elk kwartaal brengt FSFX Packages een persbericht naar buiten met betrekking tot de huidige stand van zaken. Zo zien we vandaag de eerste update van 2016 voorbij komen. Het volledige bericht is hieronder te lezen:


Hi Folks!

Happy new year from the FSFX Packages team! 2016 is going to be a great year for us Flight Simmers! We have a few updates on the various projects we have.

737 Immersion

December was a great month for us! we have released our most anticipated package yet: 737 Immersion. We took our time building this package from ground-up for it to become the best one we ever made. The response was fantastic and we want to thank everyone who gave feedback on it. You can order it now from the product page



Just before the release of 737 Immersion on 18DEC15, we changed our website cart system to allow for better discounts when you own or buy multiple products.

  1. Fidelity discount – If you own 1 product, you get a 5% discounts
  2. Fidelity discount – If you own 2 product or more, you get a 10% discounts
  3. Bulk discount – If you have 3 or more products in your cart, you get a 10% bulk discount
  4. PrecipitFX Combo – If you buy any Immersion Package with PrecipitFX, you get 30% off PrecipitFX (+ Fidelity discount or Bulk discount if applicable)

Note that you need to be signed into your account on the website before making the purchase and that those discounts aren’t offered through 3rd party stores.



We are proud to announce the new way of activating, installing and managing our products. VFXCentral allows you to install a product with fewer clicks and in a much better looking interface. A lot of optimizations have been made under the hood to ensure you package works on every flight. This also means that updates will be released quicker than before, fixing issues and adding new features on a shorter timeline.

VFXCentral can launch in parallel to your simulator to ensure everything is installed properly for your next takeoff. It also updates itself behind the scene so you don’t have to worry about it. The optimizations we have made to this new application.

On 11JAN16, we have updated VFXCentral with a registry editor. You can now update your simulator path in the registry. This will be helpful for us to find and fix potential problems during technical support. But remember, use this is at your own risk.

Currently, only 737 Immersion is compatible with VFXCentral but we are working hard to bring our other Immersion Packages to the platform by the end of January.


New license policy

737 Immersion and future updates to our existing lineup of products will follow a new licensing policy while being used in VFXCentral. Like before, you are allowed to install your product on a single computer but our techniques to identify those computers was enhanced. VFXCentral now allows a product to be installed on a new system every 3 months without having to contact us. If you plan on changing your setup multiple times within that timeframe, we encourage you to contact us through our support page to free up your activation. The End User License Agreement (EULA) is now enclosed in the install process of VFXCentral and is valid for every product installed through it.


Q400 Immersion

Now that 737 Immersion is released, we can concentrate on extending our Immersion Package series to the Q400. Not much has happened since our last quarter update so stay tuned for more preview videos!


We believe this makes for a good roundup of what we have been working on and what we are looking up to in the future. FSFX Packages is bound to make the best effects packages and this is why your input is important. Don’t hesitate to send us an email as we are glad to read your ideas and comments. Be sure to check this page and ourFacebook page regularly as we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

Have a great day,
The FSFX Packages team!


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